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The pre-school is headed by Mrs. Annabel Naa Larteley Nortey, an Assistant Headmistress who is a psychologist by profession, full of passion for anything pre-school, and very much well endowed in child psychology, as well as the Montessori approach of teaching. The pre-school has a prepared environment, colourful and attractive which prepares the child’s mind and makes it ready for learning. Here, practical life curriculum that bridges the gap between the home and the school, as well as sensorial curriculum that makes use of the child’s senses are employed. This explains the reason why every pre-school going child must have Kiddieland experience to prepare them adequately for the basic school.

Though we use the Ghana Education Service (GES) curriculum for the Basic School, the way we use the syllabus is such that, each class is one year ahead of their peers in another school in terms of the coverage of the syllabus. As a result, all JHS 2 students in Deoke Foundation School can sit the same BECE with the JHS 3 and compete favourably with them.

The School’s emphasis on small class size in order to reduce student-teacher ratio so as to enable teachers have ample time for each student has so much endeared us to the parents of our students who cannot get the same condition of teaching/learning elsewhere for their wards without paying dearly for it.

Additionally, we provide for easy and flexible terms of payment for parents who have some difficulties with the payment of their wards’ fees, just so that we can ease them a bit of the economic pressure that keeps piling up on their heads.  

We are blessed with and proud of staff members who, apart from being affable and approachable, are level-headed and up to scratch so far as their area of responsibility is concerned.

Apart from the Headmaster who is accountable to the Director and for that matter the Board of Governors, there are two (2) additional well trained and experienced Assistant Heads who assist in the day-to-day administration of the School. Furthermore, we have some non-teaching staff members who provide support services in terms of supervision of classroom work, as well as administration. This helps the Headmaster focus more on monitoring and expansion of his thinking horizon to come up with new and better ways of doing things that inure to the benefits of the students. 
Cognizant of the needs of our students and with the belief that there is more to Basic School Education than merely passing an exam, in addition to our state of the art sporting facilities, there are some club activities like Human Rights, Drama, French, Debaters/Writers, Science/Mathematics, Red Cross and Cadet Corps/Scout/Girls Guide which help inculcate in our students the three (3) protocols of success, namely: studying, serving and sowing.

Time will fail me to talk about the spiritual aspect of the School handled by the School Chaplaincy Board composed of knowledgeable and spirit-filled staff members.

Finally, if you are looking for a place for your ward where holistic quality education costs less, Deoke Foundation School is the answer.

In an attempt to achieve our vision and desired goal, the staff of Deoke Foundation School works as a team with the Headmaster as the team coach and the Director as the team manager. To sustain the team spirit, we are focused on consensus and capacity building, bringing every staff member on board to make them feel part of the decision making process and the day-to-day running of the School. This is attested to by the number of committees and departments in the School where a staff functions as a member of a department and must of a necessity serve on either two (2) or three (3) committees.

As a result of the team spirit, members of staff commit themselves to giving off their best, being proud of the fact that, much as the individual may not be given a banner headline in a national newspaper, s/he is part of the process that makes it happen.
This has helped make Deoke Foundation School a home away from home for our students, where excellent yet affordable education is offered.

The School is divided into three (3) sections, namely: Kiddieland, i.e. the pre-school section, the primary section and the JHS section.

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